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Looking for online coaching classes for Judicial Service Exam? Look no further than Juris Academy the best online judiciary coaching in Delhi, India.

Juris Academy is a premium coaching institute in Delhi, India providing Online Coaching for State Judiciary Services Examination to aspiring students. It has the most prominent law faculty behind the success of thousands, our Online Coaching for Judicial Services has a variety of features such as live video classes, doubt sessions, study material and online test series for preparation. For those aspirants who want to see themself as a judge in future can join our best Online Classes for preparation and make their dream come true.

Our online lectures are simple and easy to understand conducted by expert professionals. We at Juris Academy focus on our quality teaching methodologies so that our students get the best Online Coaching for Judiciary examination conducted by different states of India. We train students for Higher Judicial Services examination (HJS), Provincial Civil Service PCS(J), Civil Judge (Junior Division) examination, Magistrate, Assistant Public Prosecutor (APP), Assistant Prosecuting Officer (APO), Assistant District Public Prosecution Officer (ADPPO) exams, Judicial Services Grade 1 Exam and Judicial Services Grade 3 exam for different law subjects.

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Course Subjects
  • Indian Evidence Act
  • Indian Constitution
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Indian Contract Act
  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Hindu Laws
  • Mohammedan Law
  • Transfer of Property Act
  • Partnership Ac
  • Sales of Goods Act
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Indian Contract Act
  • Partnership Act
  • Hindu Laws
  • Mohammedan Law
  • Sales of Goods Act
  • Law of Limitation
  • Specific Relief Act
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Law of Evidence

Statewise Previous Year Judiciary Question Papers - Download Here

We provide live online coaching clases for the following:-

  • Arunachal Pradesh Judiciary Service examination
  • Assam PCSJ Civil Judge exam
  • Bihar Judicial services (BJSE)
  • Chhattisgarh Judicial (CJS) exam
  • Delhi High Judicial Service examination
  • Goa Judiciary Services
  • Haryana (HJS) Judicial Services exam
  • Himachal Pradesh (HPJS) examination
  • Jharkhand Judicial Services civil judge exam
  • Karnataka Judicial Services (KJSE)
  • Madhya Pradesh Judicial Civil exam (MPJS)
  • Maharashtra High Court Judge exam
  • Nagaland Judiciary Services (NJSE)
  • Odisha Judiciary Services examination
  • Punjab Judicial Services law exam
  • Rajasthan High Judicial Services
  • Sikkim Judicial Services
  • Tamilnadu Judicial Services
  • Uttarakhand Judicial Services exam
  • Uttar Pradesh (HJSE)
  • Kerala Civil Judge exam (KJSE)
  • (WBJSE) West Bengal Judicial Services examination


We are one of the most reliable and top Judiciary Services Coaching centre in Delhi. Our quality of education is our identity for decades and we are maintaining it with full dignity. Join our online course now and make your future successful!

Online Judicial Exam Preparation

Juris Academy is one of the first coaching institute in India to introduce an online test series for Judiciary exams. Every year, numerous students come to Delhi to prepare for Judicial Services, but not everyone can afford the additional expenses of education, such as rent, food, and travel. Our Online Initiative for Judiciary Coaching aims to reach aspiring students in even the remotest parts of India, providing them with the best experience through our web and mobile applications. These applications come equipped with comprehensive features, including well-prepared recorded lectures, uninterrupted live online classes, bullet notes, study material, test series, and more. We have made sure that these applications are designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible for our students. In order to cover all the subjects required for the Judicial Services Examination, we have a diverse team of experienced faculty members.

Best Judiciary Coaching in Delhi

At Juris Academy, we humbly take pride in being recognized as the best judiciary coaching institute in Delhi. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and the exceptional results our students have achieved over the years validate our claim. We believe that our success is not just limited to imparting knowledge and honing skills, but also lies in our ability to nurture the potential within each student. Our experienced faculty, comprehensive study materials, and rigorously designed curriculum guarantee a focused and effective online coaching for Judiciary exams. By choosing Juris Academy, you join a community of motivated individuals who share the same ambition of excelling in the field of judiciary. We provide Free Demo Class for Judiciary Online to aspirants, you just need to contact institute and schedule one for you as per your convenience. We offer supportive and nurturing environment that encourages holistic growth, instills confidence, and prepares you to face the challenges of the competitive legal world with humility and determination. Allow us the privilege to guide you on your journey towards success in Judicial Services Exam Preparation.

Judiciary Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Juris Acadmey offers the best online coaching for Judicial Services Examination. There are multiple courses offered for the Judicial Services Examination that are specific to different states.

Yes, if you can't make it to the live classes, you can watch the videos whenever it works for you.

Juris Academy conducts separate doubt-clearing sessions for each subject. You can have all your questions clarified during the online doubt-clearing sessions.

Juris Academy is considered the premium institute in India providing best online pcs Coaching for Judiciary.

Juris Academy is considered the premium institute in India providing Online Coaching for State Judiciary Services Examination to aspiring students.

Yes, you have the option to take regular practice tests to assess your preparation progress, including if you're enrolled with Juris Academy.

It varies for each person. Some students pass the exam without coaching, relying on their abilities. However, if you want to comprehend topics deeply, answer questions correctly, and improve your scores, having proper guidance is crucial. Joining online coaching, like Juris Academy, can provide the support needed for better understanding and performance.

Juris Academy offers various courses under Judiciary coaching. You can select the course that suits you best and join the classes according to your schedule.

Juris Academy is the top choice for PCS J exam coaching. you get comprehensive coaching for all subjects from skilled teachers. Online coaching is not only more affordable compared to traditional offline classes but also allows you to learn comfortably from home.

Out of the many coaching centers nationwide, only a few succeed, and Juris Academy is one of them. You can check their website for their past achievements – many students have passed judiciary exams on their first try with this institute. The institute's strong foundation is built on having excellent teachers.

If you're looking for the best place to prepare for judicial coaching, check out They provide engaging online classes where only experts in the subjects teach. You also get special sessions to clear your doubts regularly, and they offer free practice tests.

For students aiming to join judicial services, it's crucial to study diligently and work hard toward their goal. Covering the entire syllabus and setting aside ample time for revision is essential. In addition to completing the syllabus, candidates should practice extensively, as practice is the key to retention. This approach is emphasized at Juris Academy for effective exam preparation.

If you're unsure about how to prepare for the judicial exam, think about a few things before deciding. Consider what makes you feel at ease—whether you prefer studying at home or are okay with traveling. Also, think about what's affordable for you, which method fits your budget.

Judicial service provides some benefits over civil services like a balanced life, the officer gets a one-month summer vacation and winter vacation. The officer can summon anyone, from day one he gets the power. A judicial officer cannot be executed, there are separate norms issued by the supreme court for the same.

Juris Academy, a top institute for Judiciary offer budget-friendly and convenient judiciary classes. they offers comprehensive online classes with experienced teachers, recorded lectures, live doubt-clearing sessions, online tests, study materials, and notes. The lectures are available in both English and Hindi, and they provide detailed analysis reports to track your preparation progress.

There is no requirement for a specific minimum percentage. Anyone who has completed their law graduation from a recognized university can take the exam.

When preparing for the Delhi judiciary services, focus on the analytical exam pattern. Thoroughly study the main codes, procedural law, and commercial laws. Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily to stay informed about history, geography, and current affairs from class 9 to 12. Also, don't overlook local laws and other fundamental legal concepts. Juris Academy can assist you in mastering these aspects for effective exam preparation.

To study bare acts for the judiciary exams, begin by organizing them with indexes. Create charts and put them up on the wall for quick reference. Memorize the sections. Practice with past exam papers to grasp the crucial parts. Finish one chapter before moving on to the next. Break your study into small goals, accomplish them, and then revise what you've learned.

Yes, you have the option to download the lectures from Juris Academy and watch them again to reinforce your understanding or review the subject.

Candidates who have completed Graduation course in Law by doing LLB or B.A.LLB can appear for the examination. Generally, the minimum age for applying is 21/22 years and the maximum age limit varies from state to state. There are also upper age limit relaxations for various categories such as women candidates, SC/ST/OBC, widow/divorced women, etc. However, there may be some additional requirements for different states, hence, candidates must go through their respective state-wise eligibility criteria thoroughly.

The exam has three parts: preliminary examination, main examination, and viva-voce/interview. In the prelims, there are usually one or two papers on General Knowledge and Law, both with multiple-choice questions. You just need to score above the cut-off to move to the next stage, and these marks don't count in your final score. The main examination typically has five papers covering General Knowledge, Language, Law I (Substantive law), Law II (Procedure and Evidence), and Law III (Penal, Revenue, and Local laws). These papers have both objective and subjective questions. The final stage is the viva-voce, an interview for candidates who cleared the mains exam. The merit list is made by combining marks from the mains exam and the interview.

Begin by signing up on the Juris Academy website. Afterward, log in to the site and navigate to the coaching tab on the homepage. Click on the Judiciary link in the dropdown menu. Select the course that suits your needs, and then you can start studying the subjects.

Success depends on an individual's abilities. Some students pass the exam without classes. However, for better scores, understanding topics, and answering questions correctly, having proper guidance is crucial. Judiciary classes, like those provided by Juris Academy, can be beneficial for achieving that guidance.

Yes! At Juris Academy, you have the opportunity to take more than 200 regular Judiciary mock test series. They offer separate test series for different subjects and topics. Additionally, you can download free previous year's question papers to evaluate and enhance your preparation.

Yes! Juris Academy offers state-wise online classes for judiciary exams. You can select the course for your specific state and start attending the classes.

Juris Academy provides dedicated doubt-clearing sessions for each subject. You have the opportunity to get all your doubts clarified during these online doubt-clearing sessions.

Yes! Juris Academy course includes study materials. You can download the study material for free in eBook format or opt for a hard copy.

While some candidates have passed the exam through self-study, the competition is intense, and there are limited seats with an extensive syllabus. To increase your chances, it's advisable to get professional help by joining judiciary classes.

Only the initial exam has a penalty for wrong answers, and the rules for this vary depending on the state. In certain states, there is no penalty for incorrect responses at all.

Yes! Many institutes provide online or evening/weekend classes. Opting for online classes is advantageous because they offer flexible timings, are more affordable, allow you to download lectures, eliminate the need to travel to class, and enable you to watch live video classes on any device.

The most effective preparation method is to read the newspaper every day and explore various online news articles. The course also gives you study materials and a monthly magazine to help with your preparation. Additionally, you can purchase books or magazines that summarize current affairs and general studies on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Juris Academy offers various courses under Judiciary Gold, each with different timelines. You have the flexibility to select the course that suits your schedule and easily join the classes.

To get ready for language papers, read newspapers, articles, blogs, etc., in both languages. Practice writing legal essays, translating passages, and work on judgment writing. Try practice papers to enhance your skills. Reading the bare act in both languages helps you understand legal provisions, making it easier to write about them.

There are no specific rules for this. Therefore, you can take as many exams as you can manage, making sure they don't overlap in your schedule.

In most states, you can attempt the Judiciary exam as many times as you want. However, in Uttar Pradesh, there is a limit of four attempts.


  • We are known for best coaching for Judicial services Exams and various law Entrance Exams such as LL.M. entrance Exams, LL.B. Entrance Exams, CLAT preparation, All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) coaching etc. Success stories of law aspirants begin at Juris Academy. Juris Academy's mock test series helps students to prepare well in advance entrance exams in a simulated environment, thereby having competitive edge over other candidates.


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